Pack Your Gear!!

"Treasured -- Discovering You're Priceless to God"


M-W (July 12-14)


T-Th (July 13-15)


 Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Meet at: Summit CCO Building

(HIS Kids School) in the Back


We had so much fun last year (and packing 125 kids plus adults into the multipurpose room is still a little dicey with COVID still hanging around), we thought we'd do our "drive-in" VBS one more summer! God gave us such an amazing week in July last year, we are trusting Him again for great weather - it can't hurt to start praying now!!              


  *This will be a "Drive-In VBS" for the whole family! Grandparents are invited, too! We will have a stage - with sound system - set up in the back of the school building. We will guide you to your parking spot!

*There will be two - 2 evening sessions, from which your family will choose one:

Monday - Wednesday (July 12 & 14) or Tuesday - Thursday (July 13 & 15)


*If you want to bring bag chairs/folding chairs to sit outside the car, you may do that. Because of the changes toward more openness, we will probably be able to open up a little bit  more! Yay!!


*Each night, every family will receive a supply pack with items needed to follow along!


* Each family will receive a Treasured VBS CD free! 


                   *T-Shirts are avaliable in four colors! $7.00 each or 2 for $13.50! Order deadline is no later than June 24th! Sorry there's been a slight price increase, but they will be great!

*Please see the Treasured VBS website for registration, FAQ's, and T-shirt colors


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